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When the work week is done, there’s nothing more you want to do than sit back in the comfort of your own home and relax. At times, you would be tempted to go outdoors and spend your whole day there. Of course, that would mean your time, money, and energy will be used as well. Camella San Pascual offers you a better alternative in the form of its wonderful amenities. These amenities are excusive for your use and are designed to enhance your way of life at home.

Anyone would love the idea of going to the beach every weekend. This is true, especially when the sun gets too hot for our tastes. Even though this is a great way to spend your rest days, it’s isn’t financially sustainable to do so. Well, it’s a different story here in Camella San Pascual. Your stay here is made a lot better, thanks to the presence of a swimming pool. This facility is open to the residential development’s residents any day of the week. Gather your loved ones and you can swim to your heart’s desire here.

Watching a basketball game on TV greatly differs from the real experience on the court. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush you feel when you hit that buzzer beater. Get that same feeling of excitement when you choose to reside in Camella San Pascual. There’s a basketball court you can use here whenever you please. Rather than go out and rent a facility, you and your buddies can converge in this amenity to play the game you love. All you need is a basketball and you’ll have a memorable time ahead of you.

If you’d rather hang out with your friends or immerse yourself in a book, you can do so here in Camella San Pascual. Residents will be given free use of a clubhouse within the premises of this subdivision. There’s also free Wi-Fi connection so you can use your mobile gadgets to be productive here. Whether you’re in the company of your friends or you need some time alone, Camella San Pascual’s clubhouse is the perfect place to stay in.

Children need a space of their own so they can be themselves without any worry. Camella San Pascual has a playground all for these young ones to bask in. This amenity is filled with safe play equipment so your kids can play without the fear of getting hurt. And speaking of safety, you need not worry about your children because the entire residential development is under the care of a trusted security team. There are security personnel roving the entire village so you can feel safer. As a result, you can sleep more soundly at night or be at peace whenever your leave your property here.

The community you’re living in should be one that makes your life better. Here at Camella San Pascual, you can enjoy a lifestyle that matches well with your preferences. With its set of amenities, you can enjoy, be productive, and feel secured right in the heart of your own home here.

  • Gate and Guardhouse with CCTV Camera
  • Clubhouse with free Wi-Fi
  • Basketball Court
  • Playgrounds
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